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Phi Psi Takes New IFC Leadership

In adherence with the Fraternity’s dedication towards good relations with the Johns

Hopkins University Administration, the Maryland Alpha chapter has maintained a

strong presence in the JHU Interfraternity Council. Following in the footsteps of

brother Jeffery Ding (JHU '23), FY2023 will see brother Diego Kaune (JHU '24) hold the

position of President of the IFC. Brother Temidun Kolawole (JHU '25) will sit as VP of

Diversity and Inclusion, and his tasks will include coordinating diversity and

inclusion programming for member chapters, publishing important educational

programming dates, and providing inclusion advice to all fraternities in the FSL

community. Brother Sean Garcia (JHU '25) will sit as the VP of Finance, a job which

requires organizing the IFC budget and member chapter dues of the IFC. Brother

Garcia will also be in charge of preparing financial statements for distribution to all

member chapters. Overall, FY2023 will see the Phi Kappa Psi Maryland Alpha chapter

hold three out of nine positions on the Interfraternity Council (the most of any

fraternity on campus).

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